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    AnthonyPek Guest

    Default Trading Simulation Application


    I am a student currently working on my final project for an MSc in Computing.

    For this project I am developing a Trading Simulation Application. This application will be aimed at novice traders, and will be a teaching tool for improving their understanding and confidence in trading whilst using fantasy money from a virtual account.

    I expect the application will be something similar to BullBearings, and will consist of basic charting, and the ability to trade on the London Stock Exchange.

    I would greatly appreciate some feedback from both novice and experienced traders alike in the following areas:

    • If you were able to create an application from scratch which would improve your understanding of trading, or the understanding of others, what features or requirements would you expect to see?
    • What elements of charting tools do you find most useful?
    • Are there features in other trading software which have been of use to you in this area?

    Any assistance with this will be much appreciated.

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    AntonioTrito Guest


    Personally I find the following useful

    Moving Ave

    I think you could include stochastics but its not something I have really used previously but something that I am looking into using. I personally prefer setups and trading those.

    One thing of interest might be comparing your simulation to a random number generator. Someone I used to work with had one and the trends and graphs that came out of it looked exactly like stock patterns but the numbers were all random. I guess he must have tweaked it to be within certain standard deviations of the previous number but getting people to trade a random number generator could also be useful.

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    Antonantal Guest


    It would be really entertaining if you could create it as a game so could play against someone else doing the same thing.

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    Antibioticshix Guest


    Thanks for your replies, especially on the charting patterns. Despite this being an academic project, I will developing the application as a kind of fantasy trading game. I will eventually be looking for some traders to use the application. I'll post a message back here when it's ready. Maybe you could give it some constructive criticism?

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    The trick is ofcourse to make it profitable.
    Regardless of trading tools selected this cannot occur
    (Profitability) without a positive expectancy.
    Most think its the method of trading that makes the profit.
    Those making a profit realise that this is only part of it!



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