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  1. Default Did anyone here realize AAMRQ (American Airline) jump 140%+ since Nov?

    So attempting. But I think the steam might be weakening. Do you can it can reach $1?

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    AlisaWatt Guest


    Yes, I've been discussing it the chat room for the past few weeks. The breakout over .52 was the prime entry I suggested and it has almost doubled since. For now, it needs to break .92 to continue higher, very possibly get that $1. Although it showed signs of exhaustion today and it may get a pullback before trying to go higher, so wait for clearance or as it comes off a dip if you are going to play at this point. Good Luck!

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    AllaEt Guest


    may i ask where is the chat room ?

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    Its hosted right here on this forum, look at the tabs at the top of the page. If you are interested in joining, look at the links in my signature of my post above. AAMRQ broke .92 and heading higher for now.

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    alliehc69 Guest


    AAMRQ setting up for a break over .94 this afternoon. Is that $1 next?

    By this afternoon I mean right now....



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