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    Default Stocks For Beer Chat Room transcript

    Archived Chat Transcript for 2012-04-03

    09:18:02 btbulldawgs FCSC looking to gap up after the tank yesterday
    09:23:29 btbulldawgs Vrng gap up
    09:24:29 btbulldawgs CBIs looking gap up a little
    09:27:39 btbulldawgs Gtrl gap up
    09:29:31 btbulldawgs VRNG going nuts, might make a really good short this morning, we'll see
    09:30:40 btbulldawgs GNOM trying to go
    09:31:32 btbulldawgs SNPK all the way back, and looking for more
    09:32:26 btbulldawgs AEZS might get a bounce today
    09:33:12 btbulldawgs DRL over yesterdays high
    09:33:32 btbulldawgs ATTD subby to watch
    09:34:31 btbulldawgs PCFG watch dips
    09:35:23 btbulldawgs MELA going this morning
    09:36:19 btbulldawgs Snerk you hold the FCSC o/n? .22 now
    09:36:59 Snerk Yes I did. Got out at .21
    09:37:14 btbulldawgs nice
    09:37:27 ron garlic Beauty job Snerk
    09:37:38 Snerk PNCL's up. More shorts getting out I guess.
    09:37:42 btbulldawgs DRL trying to go
    09:37:49 btbulldawgs VRNG nhod
    09:38:21 btbulldawgs GNOM pop
    09:38:24 Snerk VRNG is nuts
    09:38:32 btbulldawgs looking for at least 3.30 on GNOM
    09:40:50 Snerk carefully if you play fcsc. My order was at .20. I got out at .21 because it was at that price by the time my order filled.
    09:41:27 Snerk Careful rather.
    09:41:40 btbulldawgs ASTX some action
    09:43:11 btbulldawgs might have to day-trade CBIS again
    09:43:21 btbulldawgs testing yesterdays hight
    09:43:29 btbulldawgs FCSC .28 sheesh
    09:44:42 btbulldawgs AXPW finally went from yesterdays idea
    09:45:05 btbulldawgs DRL stuck on 2
    09:46:15 btbulldawgs VRNG coming down, if goes thru low of day, I may short it
    09:47:48 btbulldawgs COIN worth a look
    09:49:13 btbulldawgs ALQA from watchlist going
    09:49:38 xhuo PCFG still looking good?
    09:50:01 btbulldawgs let it come down a bit more
    09:50:18 xhuo ok
    09:50:33 Snerk You seriously going to try and day trade cbis?
    09:50:37 Snerk looks iffy to me.
    09:50:55 btbulldawgs I tried, and didn't get filled
    09:51:01 Snerk lucky you
    09:51:03 btbulldawgs .168
    09:51:12 Snerk Oh
    09:51:19 btbulldawgs now over .17, might see .18 later, watch dips yet again
    09:52:04 Snerk You might get a second chance at .16
    09:52:08 Snerk .168
    09:52:45 Snerk I think they'll try and run it to .20. Be surprised if it makes it tho
    09:53:07 btbulldawgs .20 will be hard, .18 do-able
    09:53:37 Snerk There'
    09:53:40 btbulldawgs GNOM nhod, bam, nice from yesterday, going to take half off soon
    09:53:41 Snerk There's your .168 play.
    09:54:00 btbulldawgs it might go a bit lower here first
    09:54:06 Snerk Prolly yeah
    09:55:09 btbulldawgs FCSC .31, double from yesterdays mention
    09:55:49 Snerk I tend to do that a lot. Selling too soon.
    09:55:57 btbulldawgs haha me too
    09:56:20 Snerk FCSC is hard though. Delayed orders all around.
    09:56:42 btbulldawgs GTRL tank, bounce watch
    09:57:17 rocketmatt17 ahh AAPl paid me good this morning
    09:57:29 btbulldawgs nice matt
    09:57:46 rocketmatt17 Thanks
    09:58:13 Snerk AAPL. Look at the high rolling playing with the penny guys.
    09:58:19 Snerk high. roller. dammit.
    09:58:41 btbulldawgs JOEZ gets over 1.30 could pop
    09:59:39 Snerk Might get into CBIS here.
    10:00:01 Snerk looking for some support.
    10:00:02 btbulldawgs wait for it....
    10:01:57 rocketmatt17 30 bucks a share jump in two days. it doestnt take many shares to make some cash
    10:02:00 btbulldawgs GNBT a watch
    10:02:46 Snerk Here's the question for you JDM junkies: Would you risk 600 to make 30?
    10:03:08 btbulldawgs options is where its at on AAPL
    10:03:32 Snerk The option I play on AAPL is the option not to play
    10:03:38 btbulldawgs lol
    10:03:59 rocketmatt17 I have no clue about options
    10:04:19 btbulldawgs ah maybe we ought to have a into to options seminar
    10:04:24 btbulldawgs intro
    10:04:29 rocketmatt17 for sure
    10:04:44 rocketmatt17 i had 125 shares so beers on me
    10:04:53 btbulldawgs LOL right on
    10:05:04 btbulldawgs Gnom 3.30 hit

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    Airbladeznf Guest


    14:57:16 btbulldawgs LQMT decent bounce off lows today
    14:57:53 btbulldawgs ARNA short opp below 2.60 here
    14:58:14 btbulldawgs holy crap it hit 2.90
    14:58:24 btbulldawgs wow pissed I missed that lol



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