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    AnitaTwelt Guest

    Default Investing/Trading for Income

    Just curious if more folks here are trading for their daily bread or to beef up/build a nice retirement fund? I've generally done the investing thing more than the trading bit, so Ive preserved my capital and limited losses, but also have had some real long spells of no action/bag holding. What I'd really like is to be able to spot more moves, more frequently (wouldn't we all).

    It's simple math, sure. $2 million at 5% is 100k a year. God bless you if you have that kind of capital. Me, I'm barely playing with a full deck, nevermind $2 million in the bank! So whats the other angle? How much capital should an income trader have to comfortably withdraw an income? What are some tips, psychological tricks, magic spells, etc. that you income traders use to avoid blowing it all and keep the gravy train chugging along?

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    AnnayaTO Guest


    Have you ever looked into covered calls?

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    Annotationsrca Guest


    *Brushes up, briefly* I have done some limited research into options, but have not actually ever traded any. Looks like I've got some reading to do.

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    Annotationsfem Guest


    Done correctly, its a good way to boost your returns with little risk.

    If you are long TSLA, but you feel the stock has moved ahead of itself, you can write a call option, eg:

    Sell to open the Dec 220 call @ 4.85

    this means that you will get $485 for selling that call option.

    If TSLA closes above $220, you will be forced to sell 100 shares of TSLA at $220. So if TSLA is at $250, you will only get $220 for it.

    However, if TSLA is below $220 by option expiry in Dec, that call option will expire worthless, meaning you keep your stock and that $485.

    You can also exit that trade any time before that.

    This may sound complicated at first, but take the time to read up if this interests you.



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