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    AllenNaw Guest

    Default day trade with less than 25k?

    i have been using zecco for swing trading. I can not day trade with zecco with less than 25k in an account (more than 3 day trades in a 5 day period). does anyone know an online broker that will allow day trading with out a minimum balance? (or atleast a smaller balance) sogo?

    thanks in advance

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    AmadoFauce Guest


    Its not the broker. Its the law. Day trading more than 3 days requires 25K no matter your broker.

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    Amazonnnimi Guest


    The SEC rule states that you can't daytrade without 25K in capital. There is a way around it though. You'd have to join a proprietary trading firm. They usually ask for 3,000-10,000 as a "risk deposit" then they provide you capital to trade. Broadstreet Trading is a good one (they just joined T3live) but there are others out there that require more or less than the $5000 deposit that BST requires. I don't know of any other way around the rule.

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    Amazonnnuas Guest


    Trade options yo. Cash settles in only 1 day rather than 3, and you get bigger returns so you can get that 25k.

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    Well, if you're wanting to day trade, options won't work as they're subject to the PDT rules too. Now, if you want to trade FUTURES, you can day trade to your heart's content.



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