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Thread: Ntog

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    Airbladeodl Guest

    Default Ntog

    I did not believe that NTOG will go down when it has given a downside target of 0.535p couple of days back...it is there today...


    I started liking this P&F...infact loving it....

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    Airbladexvm Guest


    No buy signal yet atleast on 60min...but there is one on 30min...my fav timing with box sizes...

    Lets see ...still I am a holder and hopefully will come out soon...my other big holding is doing well on BAO.

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    Oh dear, back to the drawing board!

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    Looks good to me, and the chart worked!

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    Albertoabraf Guest


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    This share spiked the other day on a positive RNS.

    Just a heads up that it may be closing the gap from the spike. According to my (limited) charting it is also at possible resistance which may become support, coupled with a short term trend line and 38.5 fib retrace.



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