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    AlvinCosh7 Guest

    Default Can Racism be justified?

    Racism can never be justified, there is absolutely no excuse to hate an entire race. 69%
    Racism can be justified, its ok to dislike a group, as long as you keep to yourself. 15%
    Results. 16%
    Had a serious argument with a colleague recently, specifically because they tell me its ok for some people to hate certain races because of their actions. Obviously i wholly disagreed with it, saying you camt marginalize an entire race, for actions of a few morons.
    So ask you comicvine, can racims be justified? Do you all honestly think its ok to dislike an entire race because a small number made a few mistakes?

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    Amazonnnfki Guest


    Hell no. That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard of. It'd be like hating all red heads because a bunch of gingers got pissed in a bar and started a riot. Idiocy.

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    Amazonnnafs Guest


    Sounds like your colleague in an imbecile if racism is ok then its also ok the generalize people by their beliefs, ethnicity, sexuality, etc no it's not such an uneducated statement

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    Amazonnnihb Guest


    An entire race? no but a large portion of the race? yes.
    I think we're all inherently racist but some of us just don't care enough to hide it. Think about it like this, if 3 black guys were walking behind you on a quiet night while you're alone will you...
    A) Assume their all businessmen trying to get home
    B) Cross to the other side of the street
    It's a racist thing to cross but I'd rather be safe than sorry even if it's members of my own race
    Edit: I'm still against hating an entire race

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    Amazonnnotp Guest


    Racism is wrong l, but profiling can be justifiable if well studied and reliable statistics are available to back the kind of profiling being used. Imo



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