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    AlizaOthew Guest

    Default The Taylor Trading Technique

    Has anyone found a free web source relating to

    The Taylor Technique of Trading ? My searches came up empty.

    Yes, I know I can buy it,but I am building a legend here..the man who mastered the zero sum game for nothing ! and yes, I know it is not going to happen that way,but trying is fun.

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    AllaTeaSl Guest


    The book only costs 17 on Global Investor!

    Doesn't seem much to pay if you want to study his methods?

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    AllaHoort Guest


    "Doesn't seem much to pay if you want to study his methods?"

    Thanks for the opinion/question ?

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    AllenNaw Guest


    I designed software around a 3 day cycle. If anyone is interested they can contact me at pttrader2004@yahoo.com

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    I read that there's a book by Linda Bradford Raschke (and Laurence Connors) called Street Smarts: High Probability Trading Strategies... that discusses the Taylor technique but it's pretty expensive. I saw there is a copy of it being distributed on the eDonkey 2000 network (eMule).



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