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Thread: Myec

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    Airblademwb Guest

    Default Myec

    What do you guys think of MYEC?? I got in it on their last "GOOD" news, and it dropped like hell! lol
    Anyways Q1 should be released by the 15 of may, maybe sooner. I'm planning on buying some more this week most likely.

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    If it "dropped like hell" after the first time you bought it, then why would you double-down and buy more?

    Personally, I wouldn't buy it because...
    1. Theres no SEC filings on this company,
    2. There's no news about this company (except a few paid press releases), and
    3. I'm too busy to research every Tom-Dick-&-Harry penny stock company to see if it's even a legit company (and it seems most of them aren't).

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    Financials out today. should go up tomorrow
    (hopefully lol)
    Do your own DD before investing.

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    Alahow Guest


    Just because a financial statement is out doesn't mean it will go up. Many of times these penny stocks put out news so their financiers can sell into it.

    However, if can break .05 on the chart it could push. That's the current resistance that needs to 'breakout'.

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    I'm planning on buying some more this week most likely



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