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  1. Default QASP, aero training/ MJ support

    QASP entering the MJ sector on several fronts.
    A hyponic grow supply company to merge. They are well known in High times mag.
    And a high security grow warehouse in Denver to cater to the needs of the store front owner that wants a safe and secure grow facility.
    Awesome brainstorming.
    News should be out first week in June if not before.
    .0015 pps 3 mos range .0001-.0038, $2.4mm market cap. Company CC Friday with many details. No dilution or reg D sales. Looks solid.

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    Agrohomerve Guest


    Sometimes these sham companies are so amusing. QASP is supposed to be engaged in flight training and aircraft repair and such. And now they're "entering the MJ industry". Lol... who actually believes this BS?

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    Airbladecls Guest


    Fink nooo hhahah. I've been gone awhile and see this hog right away.

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    QASP was also supposed to be involved in minesweeper activities in Africa when I left.

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    Airbladefhp Guest


    That worked out.



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