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  1. Default Dymtf, Bel, Mobe, Acel

    Oversold and ready to bounce

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    Guys whats the exit point there is a lot of headroom but the over all market is negative. Part of me doesn't wanna be the Hogg but the Logic says let it run..common need some input!!

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    Their earnings CC is this coming Wednesday, if it is bad news, price might drop back down.

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    Aaronvup Guest


    10 Day MA is at 3.19 ... there's your first point of resistance [and where I want to exit] ... I mean if it breaks through that there is that gap to fill but I wouldn't expect that in the short term. It seems to be pullin back a bit now which I am not excited about. I have my order set around 3.17 I think. That would give me a solid 17% gain.

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    Aarongog Guest


    Newbie Alert !!!

    Can you guys suggest me some good on-line scanners to find good plays like these?

    Does Medved QuoteTracker with Pophet.net or Money.net service includes a scanner as well?



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