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    Aigehanequola Guest

    Default MSFT reports after the close

    What's the deal with BEL today? No movement and volume is at 0.

    I'm up 10% on BEL and 5% on MOBE so far so good.

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    we are looking for a close at or above 2.90 today on MOBE

    If we get it, looking good for tomorrow & next week.

    good luck

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    Guys whats the exit point there is a lot of headroom but the over all market is negative. Part of me doesn't wanna be the Hogg but the Logic says let it run..common need some input!!

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    Aaronvup Guest


    take half off? I didn't put that much in so I just took it all but hey, ya never know. I'd expect some sort of pull back soon but it's still pretty low.

    [note: i'm far from a pro. haha.]



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