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    AbrahamMum Guest

    Default ANAD reports today...

    after the bell, ANAD will report.

    The stock is down big right now, but I somehow think the quarter they report will be good, considering their 2 biggest clients this quarter were LG and Samsung, which both performed well in the handset market.

    I am a bit worried about guidance though, being that semi's have recently been weak.

    What do you folks think?

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    The stock has risen almost 50% from the low in the beginning of August. Maybe the good news is already priced in??? I don't have an opinion one way or another since I don't know this company at all. Good luck to you. Forward guidance is always the key.

    If you really like the stock and think it will do well, do like Cramer advises and buy 1/2 a position before the call and 1/2 a position after the call if you're using your mad money.

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    I've been on ANAD's bandwagon for almost 2 years now and rode it up from under $2.
    Last quarter I was saying it was a buy and still do. I've said before it usually takes a dip when earnings come out regardless of results, but today's was good and I'd be buying more about noon Friday. It should start climbing again by next week.

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    Aaronvup Guest


    From Value Line dated 10/13 :
    One of the company's prospective growth drivers over the next few years is the cable market place. As more consumers use HDTV and DVR applications, the company has substantial opportunities to see its Tuner IC business expand. Additionally, more functions within cable boxes entering the market should provide more gross dollars per unit for ANADIGICS.
    These risky shares have above-average recovery potential out to the next 3 to 5 years. The company has reasonably solid, albeit speculative, long-term prospects based on accelerating growth globally of wireless technology.

    The report projects the stock price for the long term 3-5 years out with a minimum of $17, and a high of $30

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    AaronPaw Guest


    finally listened to the conference call this morning....
    There is huge growth potential with this one, especially if Samsung and LG keep outperforming, and definitely due to WiMax growth.

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    Anadigics Inc. shares rose 11% to $8.53 in Wednesday morning trade after the Warren, N.J.-based supplier of wireless and broadband products late Tuesday reported a third-quarter net loss of $1.31 million, or 3 cents a share, compared with a loss of $6.78 million, or 20 cents a share, last year. Excluding items, the company reported a per-share profit of 2 cents. Revenue rose to $44.8 million from $29.3 million. Analysts polled by Thomson First Call had forecast a per-share profit of a penny on revenue of $43.6 million. Anadigics expects breakeven results on a per-share basis in the fourth quarter, or earnings of 5 cents a share excluding items



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