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    Aaronder Guest

    Default PXLW for Friday 27 October

    I forgot to mention I don't really like pharmaceuticals, class action lawsuits and the FDA are constant worries (for me), I was pondering a quick day trade with BVX, but I think I better stay with what's worked for me in the past.

    Not sure if I fall under the classic funny mental type, my reasoning is that if my timing is all wrong or the pps goes the wrong direction for whatever reason...if I'm in a company that is strong enough to weather a downturn (like XOM for example) or in a sector that people can't live without for the forseeable future (like oil), I can be reasonably assured that the pps will come back at some point. I try not to have any naked positions but sometimes the risk of getting stopped out early only to see a reversal is too great.

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    LR channel uptrending, high volume sell over past few days, RSI exceptionally low, stochastics showing change in trend. Buy if positive gain after 10:30(E), hold for 1-2 days.

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    Aaronvup Guest


    afe haven...if you trade responsibly perhaps, but trading any stock can go terribly wrong, especially if you're short. I've made some speculative and high risk trades, and the losers outweigh the winners, hell I lost $4k in about 10 minutes not long ago...25% of that on margin no less, that was not funny, but definitely mental.

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    So I go back to what has worked and get back on track, I'll probably speculate on smaller cap stocks again, but I'll wait until I have more profits to do it with next time

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    AaronPaw Guest


    I'll be watching it.
    Thanks for the heads-up.



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