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    AbdullalFlosy Guest

    Default BVX made a nice move today on a huge volume increase

    Oh yea.. I always get in a habbit of buying at tops...

    Try to find something that has not made it to the four year high group.

    How does one calculate risk v's reward on a stock that is at a four year high?

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    Not for me, I just mentioned those two as evidence of buying at all time highs.

    For a trader with a modest amount of capital to trade with, Goog is not appealing because of it's pps, regardless of whether it's a bargain or not (based on p/e). There are so many other stocks out there where I can pocket a grand in a day or two if I do my homework and don't alter my entry and exit points.

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    Aaronvup Guest


    sound and show promise, I add them to my watch lists categorized by sector and get a feel for how they trade.

    The problem with Cramer's theory on what the mm's will pay for a stock based on comparitive p/e's is that there would not be any "undervalued" stocks if this were true. So no, I don't believe Goog will reach his target of $900+, then again I didn't believe him when he said crude would drop to $56. It's difficult to believe that some of his calls are not without some insider knowledge at times.

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    Ok... you can check out idix if you want to.. I bought into this at just under 9 not long ago and seems to fit the funnie-mental type investor, although it is not my style... the bottom is in as far as my charting ability bolds correct-o'mendo.
    I aint given no targets, but i will say this... You can buy at 9 and sell at 10 as long as this consolodation cycle goes on...

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    I forgot to mention I don't really like pharmaceuticals, class action lawsuits and the FDA are constant worries (for me), I was pondering a quick day trade with BVX, but I think I better stay with what's worked for me in the past.

    Not sure if I fall under the classic funny mental type, my reasoning is that if my timing is all wrong or the pps goes the wrong direction for whatever reason...if I'm in a company that is strong enough to weather a downturn (like XOM for example) or in a sector that people can't live without for the forseeable future (like oil), I can be reasonably assured that the pps will come back at some point. I try not to have any naked positions but sometimes the risk of getting stopped out early only to see a reversal is too great.



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