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  1. Default Canned data for a day or a week


    Looking for some canned data of NIKKEI (Japan) and NIFTY(India). Anybody aware of a free source to get such data. Older data (within last 6 months) will do.

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    There are two types of traders:

    One looks for patterns and relationships that will occur universally and trades those consistently over time.

    The other looks for stable periods in markets and trades the patterns and relationships that typify those regimes.

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    For the first trader, trading psychology is all about consistency and maintaining a consistent mindset.

    For the second trader, trading psychology is all about flexibility, creativity, and adapting to changing conditions.

    One is a stiff tree; the other is bamboo and willow.

    The stiff tree has a hard trunk and looks strong. It breaks when the wind blows hard.

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    Adrian12342 Guest


    Bamboo and willow have no trunk and look frail. They bend with the wind and don't break.

    There is a distinct regime in the current market. There are patterns and relationships playing themselves out with regularity.

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    How is your P/L? Are you the "strong" and stiff tree, or the "weak" and flexible reed?



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