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    Aigehanequola Guest

    Default Brokerage with Fastest Fills for Stocks and ETF

    i have been researching for a while now, it seems alot of info i find is from 2009 and earlier. some people talk about IB and TS sucking in fills and customer service. i have TOS right now but it seems so slow to fill! kind of crazy sometimes.

    are the current fills of IB and TS faster than TOS? are there any others i should look at?

    what about the basic TD ameritrade website, will the fills be faster than TOS?

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    Airbladejjq Guest


    A2B, the only time I have trouble with the speed of fills at TOS is when I'm trying to shave nickles off of an option bid/ask spread. In this case I'm negotiating with the market maker for a compromise. For reasonable offers, I usually get instant fills. What type of orders are you having problems with?

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    Airbladevtz Guest


    In the end what matters is the cleaning house used. You will find many of the discount brokers use the same company Apex Clearing. So while they might take in house inventory, ultimately it's determined by the clearing house. I have a list of the brokers and the clearing house they use.

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    I am using TD waterhouse and find that they are really fast.



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