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    Airbladecls Guest

    Default AMR Americam Airlines could be AMRQ

    I've done 6 round way trips since the BK annouincements and hold a few K free. I'm looking for some big time nobs to sell off when she gets her Delisting 'Q' and a bottom bounce. Its stalled around the .53 -.55 range.
    I'm looking for a kiss into the .30 range or better. and then same ole spike and dives for more free. On the sidelines tonight and not playing. The Q could take a day to 6mos. Believe me within 6mos AA will have merged with US Air.
    JMHO the BK is just a move to cut cost and eliminate debt. With over $4BB in cash in the bank, AA's debt made it an impossibel merger takover tagret. BK will eliminate much of that and I see AA BECOMEING THE #1 airline in American once again. The BK is a joke. LT I like my free shares. on the short side flipping for free. I wouldn't hold more than a day or two.
    Take your 10-20% gain ASAP.

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    AbbaLeSpah Guest


    Glad to see you back. But don't be overly excited about AMR's shareholders chances at getting anything out the bankruptcy. Remember GM a few years ago? A bunch of people thought that was a good buy when they went under $1, but now they're worthless, as GM issued new stock canceling the previous shares. Most bankruptcies are this way, very few bankrupt companies are in a position to let common holders keep their shares. It will however be in play just like most 'Q' stocks are, but for trading only.

    AMR will be de-listed from NYSE next Thursday.

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    This is now AAMRQ.

    Traded it today. Alerted hod resistance breakout over .31 in chat room before it popped to the stronger .37 resistance. Almost too easy 18%.

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    We got the delisting as planned and a good sell off above .40.
    I'm out and feel off balanced as to what the next few weeks wiull bring.
    The Unions have shwed their fanges and say it a problem of management and any concessiond lay at the feet of management. They will not give anything. Althought the Pension funds American feeds is the biggest in the indiustry. If Unions bon't bent then there won't be a merger.
    I've lived this wiuth Eastern air and gonna take months to see this through. I smell sideways here on out. To be honnest I'm floored it didn't tank EOD friday. So I got nothing but sittingt on cash. Ditched tyhe free shares stuff. Going all in and out now.

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    LLC, I have another Rumor TPG is intrested in AA. The onlt true fix for AA is Us Air. Both are doomed to fail without this merger.

    This morning, US Airways Management announced they have signed agreements with three unions at American Airlines, the Allied Pilots Association (APA), the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA), and the Transport Workers Union (TWU). The three unions issued a joint statement of support for a merger with US Airways.

    Thats the nut right there, play with management or disapear like Eastern Air. Pan AM ....ect! play or don't not survive to play airplane anymore.



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