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    AlexanderBel Guest

    Default How do you feel when you lose money?

    It's an interesting subject and I think it has a high correlation to how long you survive as a trader.

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    AlfonsoMus Guest


    Does not bother me as this is just a part of making money. You can't have all wins. Right now I have about 2 losses out of 10. I know what I have, know what I can make, I know where to bail out "cut it even" and know what I am willing to loose on the deal. I have never been in to reading the charts and all of the fancy words. I listen to the news, who is making it and who is not. I work the charts in wanting it to go down, buy, let it go up some and sell. Here is the example. I bought WFM for 38.72 back on 20 may. Had it to sell at at 40.00 which it did today. They expect it to go to 42 I think it was (news out today). It looked good so got 500 shares at 39.78 and sold them 17 minutes later at 40.00 again..... clearing 88.55 finishing up my day at 2pm making 256.57 for the day. There are a dozen or more words the people use for charts, bollinger bands etc etc. This stuff might work in the perfect world but in my opinion not in the world or stocks. Russia invades a country, stocks go down. A company only made 12 million instead of 13 million last month. Stock goes down. Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) raises their prices first time in 3 years(?) and their stock goes down. I buy, sell, look where it is today. I have been dealing stocks for some 45 years and it is the best and easy way to make...................or loose..............your money.

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    I feel joy--free capital for the next trade

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    AlfredCoern Guest


    when I first started it bothered me alot, now not as much. (Have only been trading for about 1 1/2 years)
    What does bother me is when I lose because I do not stick to my trading plan, be it my entry or exit.
    Have come to realize for me, at this point, I am going to have more losses than winners, but need to keep the losses small.
    I am also more content with the singles/doubles and not trying for the homeruns

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    AlfredMari Guest


    Good. There are some basic laws that you need to remember and mentally deal with it. They are...when you buy a stock it goes down. When you sell the stock it goes up. I place a buy and decide at what point I want to sell it. If it continues down I of course have to decide how far I am going to let it go before I dump it. If it goes down it naturally means it is going to have to travel father up for you to hit your original selling point. At this time I am usually willing to just bail out making only a few bucks. I usually deal in volume when I buy depending on the price at times may be several thousand of dollars. This way I only need it to go up several cents to make a good profit. I can make a good amount that way and don't have to be in for the long hall. This may be making 60 to 70 trades a month. But also the more you buy, the faster your losses add up when it heads south.



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