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Thread: VOC - Vocus

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    Airbladeamm Guest

    Default VOC - Vocus

    another one setting up

    a rogermontgomery stock

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    Airblademwb Guest


    ASX 200 Small Ords
    Telecom Services - Alternative Carriers
    Currently under a 2yr 100%pa Linear Regression Line.
    Goes exdiv in March/Sept
    I'd be looking to enter on a swing up over 6.25 if I didn't already hold this stock.

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    Airbladehzd Guest


    Entry conditions met
    Initial Stop loss a weekly close < the 5.50 swing low
    Position risk approx 15%
    Check total portfolio risk is within draw down tolerances.
    The moving average envelope is set to 10% on a log chart so it stays a constant width, this enables position risk to be estimated without getting the calculator out.

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    Airbladexvm Guest


    Closed under my weekly exit on Friday, sold today at 5.38

    My first position bought 5/9/2014 at 5.40 was close to break even + received 2 dividends, 2nd position entry posted above received the March dividend & sold at -1.2R (1R = 6.15-5.50 = 0.65)

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    ASX 200, Small Ords, Telecom Services/ Telecom Services/Diversified Telecom Services/Alternative Carriers
    Ex div Sept/March, paid 6c 100% this year
    Made a new ATH last week
    Bought at $6.80 today
    Exit a weekly close <5.15



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