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Thread: Temptation

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    Alexanderglant Guest

    Default Temptation

    There's a long stretch of road ahead....about two miles worth. It hasn't changed much over the last fifty years. Out in the sticks .....the lonely old farm house is still where it was off to the left and a couple of small homes to the right. Suburbia just never crept to this lonely place. We used to drag race, go neckin', and do some under age drinkin' along this path......

    Yesterday evening, I found myself looking down this road. Not real sure what drew me to it. I'm 57 years old. And there is a slight rumble behind me.

    As I sat there, many memories came to life....the people I've known....the fun times that we had out there in the sticks....yeah, and now, I'm 57.

    The rumble was there....behind me..........very gently, I placed my left foot on the brake, my right foot on the throttle.......and tightened it all up. The rumble became a growl.

    Should I or shouldn't I..?

    I caved in...and let it have it...the engine exploded with life.....4,5,6 thousand rpm...shift..over and over. 80,90,100 mph

    At 128 mph, she stalled out.....the damn chip called it quits.

    So I just backed off and let it come down....to a soft stop......and a gentle rumble.

    It all happened so fast.....kind of anti-climactic in a way.....

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    Me too, except the "chip" didn't fail.....the "CHP" wrote me a ticket, after a severe lecture about how he could take me to jail if I was clocked at more than 95mph.....but had decided not to. Those were the days.

    I envy you, I'm not sure I would have the reflexes for a present day replay.

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    Alfonsoorelo Guest


    I'm still getting those urges


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    Alfredcoola Guest


    Thanks for the ride along, sparks........

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    Alica44193 Guest


    I know that road. Mine is in northern Arkansas. Not sure I can visit it though, too many changes there and it would cloud my mind and eyes. ....



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