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    Airbladeamm Guest

    Default What would be the best way to invest my money

    I would some of my money and invest it so my money can work for me. I want to spend a thousand I have in savings or maybe a couple hundred I have every month.

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    Airbladeked Guest


    Currently I just put what ever money I have into a savings account. Besides a savings account is there any other options or ways my money can work for me ?

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    Aiuxsiriquola Guest


    Try Prosper.com , or perhaps look at REIT's I also invest in some stocks long term. For example I'm planning on holding GSS for up to 2 to 4 years.

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    Airbladenhu Guest


    You could buy stock directly with dividend reinvestment plan. This is one time buying and you don’t need brokers too. For your regular savings, you could try set up an individual retirement plan, or else the one that is available at your workplace might also help.

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    Airbladetnf Guest


    I would keep saving until you have at least $5,000. In the meantime start learning how to trade by visiting your local library or research online at Investopedia. Good luck!



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