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    Aarongog Guest

    Default NSOL-Nuclear Solutions Another Radiation Play.

    I got in earlier today. Word on the Message boards is that they are going into Japan and they will help. Thats just message boards now anything could happen, but keep an eye on it guys.

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    Good job on getting onboard early. How did you find this news?

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    Its just speculation at this point until company releases news, I dont know if for sure they will be there. I was just watching the charts for a while been watching it. Getting some amazing volume today.

    I think the name of the ticker symbol is really great on this one, and is making it run by itself LOL

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    AdikMakowski Guest


    Do you have a special charting software? I use Scottrade so I really wasn't aware of the change. I keep a watch list, but it's only about 40 companies or so.

    I'd like to find a software package or website that lists all OTC companies that will allow me to list them by most active in terms of change in percentage and price.



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