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    Alberkahip Guest

    Default I knew Twiter would go up, so would apple

    But I did not buy them, because I cant find a brokerage with decent charge and I dont know how to buy stocks from usa brokerage, because I reside in Europe

    I would have buy like 5000 usd twitter and 5000 apple 6 months ago and I would really earn some money till now, now I am so pissed I dont know where to buy it...

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    Albertohon Guest


    No trying to bust balls but.....this would be much more interesting if you had posted before something goes up 20+%. And if you had bought TWTR exactly 6 months ago you will still be down money. Just sayin.....

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    It is better to switch your money from twitter share after a good rally of 30% and invest it into apple as it is showing upward movement after splitting.



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