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    AlinaWal Guest

    Default Starting from scratch. Some good books/resources?

    I really want to put my foot forward and get into some trading. I am thinking scottrade right now.
    I have little knowledge about everything, and would love some book recommendations, website recommendations, etc that really dumb things down and give a strong foundation.
    Any and all input is much appreciated!
    Thanks. Looking forward to really learning, and hopefully contributing in the future, on this forum

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    Aliseviact Guest


    Trading for dummies haha...that was the first book and audio book i got when first setting foot into this craziness...

    There is a ton of information online and places like this forum, marketwatch, investopedia, and google. It just takes time and patience to learn it all...

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    alkogolrussia Guest


    Haha, thanks. I'll give that a look.
    It just seems like there is so much information online...I don't know where to start!

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    alliehc69 Guest


    A good place to start would be the library and any Investing for Dummies types of books.

    Two particular books I'll call out are Rule #1 by Phil Town and The Little Book that Beats the Market by Joel Greenblatt.

    Both of these are basic fundamental analysis books that try to boil down the vastness of FA into something that is easily digestible.

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    alkogolrussia Guest


    read some trading psychology books. trading for a living by alexander elder is a good one. you can also use investopedia to get definitions and learn more about certain topics



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