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    AlinaWal Guest

    Default Traders International Is anyone on here using this system?

    Just wondering if there was anyone on here trading the Traders International Eminis system. Ive been paper trading with it for a while and it seems to be quite a good system, however the hours a tough living in Sydney. Would want to know if i can apply there methodology to the DAX? Any ideas?

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    alkapadarm Guest


    I attended a TI seminar (some six months ago) where a couple of people stated they had been trading the DAX with the TI system successfully.

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    Thanks for the response wambam,

    Im looking to get the Dax feed on esignal added shortly to do some backtesting/forward testing, I think it will work nicely from my research so far. I work full time so the hours for the eminis arent the best unless i change my whole sleeping patterns, which im not gonna do.

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    AllenPoime Guest


    You should ask TI if they could develop an autotrader for some of their set-ups.

    Be careful of TI's claim about only trading two hours a day and making a good living.
    Intraday trading of futures is all about probabilities and being able to take advantage of them, in addition to position sizing so you don't get wiped out quickly. Oh, and did I mention the psychology (read up on Mark Douglas).

    Good Luck. You can do it.

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    almazgrslevy Guest


    Your right. From my paper trading I can't see how you could make a living with only 2 hours of trading a day because some days there simply isnt enough high probability signals and volatility in that time frame for this to work.

    Its funny you say that i am just about to finish "The Diciplined Trader" Which I think was his first book.



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