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    Alesawot Guest

    Default time frame when judging a stock

    What time frame should I look at when reviewing a stock? Some people have told me to look at only today's chart and others have said look at the yearly chart. I'm really confused now. I just want to buy a stock hold it for 1 or 2 days and get quick profits. That's my strategy.

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    Alexascix Guest


    Once you buy, look for reason to sell, not a reason to stick around. "hold" is not a good term if looking to scalp some day-trades/overnight plays.

    I watch both daily chart and 5 minute chart primarily. But it depends on the stock and time frame I'm looking to trade it. (day vs. swing)

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    AlfredCaw Guest


    ah i see so if you're going to swing trade you would look to daily and minute by minute but what about if you're looking to day trade and you were thinking about selling in a couple of days? would you look to weekly and monthly for th3

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    alexstrJato Guest


    swing trade = more than 1 day. Still focus on daily chart. Sometimes I will glance at longer weekly/monthly IF I want to see where it has ran to in the past - ROSG example today as it brokeout above 4.50 today. I glanced at weekly chart because I remember it being a big runner in the past, but couldn't remember where. It freaking hit $20's+ back in May 2012. Probably won't get there this time, but good to note. Also if you draw a line at $5 on weekly you see a bigger time frame breakout level. Sure ROSG was up big today, but if it can hold above 5 now, it could still run higher. So if not in ROSG yet, watch dips for entries if that 5 holds, and use 5 as risk area. JUST AN EXAMPLE.... Trade your own plan.

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    thanks blaine honestly youve been tremndously helpful.. hope to see you do well n all your trades!!



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