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    Agrovedadarp Guest

    Default Proof that Charts Dont Work ???

    "I exited One-Tel at 2.57 and 2.20 believing a blow out top was in place ... and doubting that the fundamentals were anywhere near the price"

    Sounds like an old hand talking to me!

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    If you had the choice between investing 10 boring weeks to make a decision that would last you 10 years and make you a million

    or 10 minutes to make a decision that might last 10 weeks and make you a thousand

    Which would you prefer?

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    Aigeoswquola Guest


    Buffett chose the first ... in general principle ... and for him it wasn't boring

    He began his career with 2 newspaper rounds and by 1993 according to a biography I am reading he had a net worth of US $ 8.3 billion ...

    He only used FA as far I can tell from the book ...

    With Best Wishes

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    Airbladecls Guest


    Not a perfect call ... there were still a few left which I exited around 1.80 and at my original purchase price of 0.90, but most were sold at the prices stated above

    Also I admit that later TA helped me buy a handful at around 60 and sell at around 65

    Thank heavens for TA !!!

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    Airbladeked Guest


    That's 60 and 65 cents !!



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