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    AKrasnovKa Guest

    Default Success with 100% Systematic Trading?

    Hi there..

    I was wondering if anyone is having any success with trading using a 100% systematic approach with automated trading?

    I think that just getting any system and backtesting it so it's profitable and running it forward is asking for a disaster. I do believe that a quality strategy with proper backtesting and forward testing will yield a positive outcome. Problem is - I've never had the tools to do this and have never had anyone share their real life experiences with me on it.

    I would be really interested in hearing from people that are making this approach work and what they found to be the biggest reasons it is working for them. I believe that the actual strategies that are used are not a big part of it like most people think. I think it's -how- you test and employ those strategies that will make you or break you. Thats just my opinion at this point. I have zero data to back that up so this is why I want to hear from others that are making it work.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post and again if you decide to help me out by sharing your experiences with me and the others that will read this.

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    AlbertEsora Guest


    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have worked in the software industry for 21 years now and I have done a lot of programming over the years. I currently program all of my strategies but have not had access to any tools that would allow me to back/forward test them correctly. I am much more of a scientific type of personality and would prefer to take that sort of approach to my trading.

    Is the majority of your trading been with automated strategies? If you're successful, what do you think have been big reasons that have led to your success?

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    AlbertoWhi Guest


    I trade 2 systems, one is a systematic trend following, but with some discretion. I am averaging about 40% a month.
    Another is a Expert Advisor that is created by a programming friend, that has had wild swings, but is currently up around 10%.
    I believe it is possible, only becuase I have experienced it.

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    Thanks for the reply. I appreciate you taking the time. Can you explain what an EA is? I have done a lot of software programming as well as programming of strategies.

    How do you use your discretion to influence your 40% strategy? Do you think you would be able to take it 100% automated or do you feel like that bit of discretion is what makes it a winner?

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    An EA is an expert advisor, which is a strategy that when programmed into MT4 runs on auto pilot. Therefore I have the program running on the Mt4 account and it takes trades, sets stop losses, sets profit targets based on the the settings we have programmed into it.

    My trend following system is rule based, but I also use my discretion to take trades and to take profits. Sometimes I close 50% etc depending on the market conditions.

    What strategy are you using?



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