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    Andrewcex Guest

    Default For the Johnny Cash fans!

    David is a friend of my oldest sister and was at her 50th birthday bash this weekend (Last night) and I had to share this jem! BC has been hiding him from all of us that love Johnny.

    Check him out!

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    AndrewMoins Guest


    Thanks for sharing.........the guy has JC down to a T

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    AndreyQuiLi Guest


    Thanks Erik.

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    Aneewquola Guest


    Since he came to the party and stayed there for the duration I was able to chat with him quite a bit. Very nice guy with a great story (a lot like Cash's). It was 'Walk the Line' that got him both clean and sober -- or as he puts it: "I found god, got off drugs, went back on drugs, and got back off of them again and have stayed that way since".

    He was a rocker (The Island is full of amazing talent actually) until then.

    Anyway, he walks, talks, sings and performs so much like Johnny Cash that it's downright uncanny!



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