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  1. Default Any C# devs working on automated systems?

    I'm in a v-team building a fully automated program for forex, stocks, and options. We're using .Net 4.5, WPF, SQL 2012. Wanted to see if anyone is doing something similar who might want to share notes. Reply scottz1 Hotmail.

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    Doing similar - pretty much 2 people full time on infrastructure, 2 on strategies. .NET 4.5, ASP.NET though - we do automatic development, a lot runs in the browser. Easier to roll otu and watch from a tablet etc., I don't need fast real time to get stuff like backtest results. Grid capable backtest and Optimization.

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    I'm writing a C# .NET 4.5 Winforms program for Forex, though it's not finished yet and I'm working on it.

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    If you think it will ever be finished, get rid of that idea. It will get working, functional, whatever, but finished - never. You will always have things to work on, improove, make better.

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    I've wanted to join a team like this for some time. I know C# very well and would like to work together to build a real trading application. scottz1, I'll reply to you separately...



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