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    Alicejig Guest

    Default Limit, Stop Limit and Market

    Hello guys,
    I have a question.
    I have an open position but I have to be AFK for like 20 min.
    I do not want to close the position because I think it will be profitable, but it is not yet.
    How do I protect myself and prevent to lose money using limit orders or stop limit orders?

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    Alinnnaaa Guest


    Let's say that I bought the shares for 10.90$, right now it is at 10.85$.
    I want to tell the software to sell if it hits 10.80$, cutting my losses, and also to sell if it goes up to 11.50$, making some profit.
    What would the command be, so I can leave and not be worried?

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    AllenAmugh Guest


    My first question is what is AFK. Even tried to look it up on yahoo.

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    AliskaPoork Guest


    wardtom084, AFK means away from keyboard. Buying milk, walking the dog out, extinguish a fire in the kitchen, those are good examples of being afk...

    ahaha, I just searched it on yahoo, and there is actually an AFK ticker ...

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    almoriabib Guest


    Well, the trade was invented, I just want to know how I should act in case a situation like that happens.
    I usually put a sell limit order when I want to sell, with the price I want to sell, and wait, so for that specific trade I would have put a sell order for the whole amount of shares I own at 11.50$.
    But I want to protect myself in case things don't go as I predicted and I have to cut losses.
    Can I put a sell limit order for both cases, 11.5$ and 10.80$ on the same amount of share? Is it allowed?



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