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  1. Default Limit, Stop Limit and Market

    Hello guys,
    I have a question.
    I have an open position but I have to be AFK for like 20 min.
    I do not want to close the position because I think it will be profitable, but it is not yet.
    How do I protect myself and prevent to lose money using limit orders or stop limit orders?

  2. Default

    Let's say that I bought the shares for 10.90$, right now it is at 10.85$.
    I want to tell the software to sell if it hits 10.80$, cutting my losses, and also to sell if it goes up to 11.50$, making some profit.
    What would the command be, so I can leave and not be worried?

  3. Default

    My first question is what is AFK. Even tried to look it up on yahoo.

  4. Default

    wardtom084, AFK means away from keyboard. Buying milk, walking the dog out, extinguish a fire in the kitchen, those are good examples of being afk...

    ahaha, I just searched it on yahoo, and there is actually an AFK ticker ...

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    Well, the trade was invented, I just want to know how I should act in case a situation like that happens.
    I usually put a sell limit order when I want to sell, with the price I want to sell, and wait, so for that specific trade I would have put a sell order for the whole amount of shares I own at 11.50$.
    But I want to protect myself in case things don't go as I predicted and I have to cut losses.
    Can I put a sell limit order for both cases, 11.5$ and 10.80$ on the same amount of share? Is it allowed?



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