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    Airbladeljb Guest

    Default citigroup. What went wrong with the earnings?

    luckily I only bought 500 shares last week, so what was the bad news?

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    Airbladepnh Guest


    Phew am I glad you said something because it's 4 minutes before the bell
    and I just canceled my purchase order when I saw that...

    Here's the skinny:

    Which is starting to come across as typical, they have done this the past two or three quarters.
    But I also suspect it will recover later this morning, just a quick dip and back up if you ask me
    because it's also a truly minor matter: Pre-market: 4.95 -0.18 (-3.51%)

    Matter of fact this could be what some might consider an excellent Buy opportunity.

    Of course, I could be wrong :sheep:

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    Aiuxsiriquola Guest


    well its done a dip and back up and now another dip lol. and the market isnt open for another 40 minutes what did you mean by 4 minutes.

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    Yes, I just noticed I was off nearly an hour on the clock lol
    which is what happens when I haven't had my morning coffee yet.

    That could also be the reason why I'm allergic to after-hours trading
    But at least I managed to get out of bed early enough.

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    AlbertEsora Guest


    I was seriously considering buying C on Friday night. Although I didn't do it, so far this morning, the stock is performing as if I did.

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    Really dont know what happen will be in the following time. Let see other bank earning report. If they have good result , then C may back to 5 soon. Who know.



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