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    aaamarxdenxcp Guest

    Default UNG is there any upside?

    This etf has a terrible looking 2 year chart but now that it finally looks like its sort of found a bottom does it have any value. It also seems to trade in really clean channels.

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    If you have some patience......

    It may take about 7 years for the supply of the shale discovered in the South US to get dented significantly......

    unless gas powered vehicles (like the new Honda civic) become much more popular and gas stations start offering nat. gas as a fuel everywhere before then.

    My estimates is about 7 years, but if the right motivation is in place it could happen earlier.

    It will eventually happen..... But I bet you could find a lot better deals this year than UNG:thumpdown:.

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    I don't never look for stocks to get in when they're down, not like that...
    It's an ETF, too, not that they're all bad but they're also not all good.
    Personally if I wanted to get into natural gas I'd look either into a miner, or something else.

    For me they need to be in a consistent up trend of some sort, now then I might
    wait for a correction so I can jump in on a down swing but we're talking a
    swing that might last a week or a month, not years.

    That is, I just don't see it with this UNG...
    It should have been into something other than trading flat with a slow down trend by now, that's not the only thing...
    I don't see a Price/Earnings figure at all, then under Institutions it shows
    that only 13% of this stock is owned that way...
    As a rule, a stock should have at least 40% institutional ownership.
    The Beta looks a little too good.

    Maybe I'm wrong but this thing's slowly heading towards pink paper if you ask me.

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    abedetunubat Guest


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    When I spoke of wanting to see an upside I wasn't referring to that 3-6 months there,
    although I suppose there does exist some weak type of an upside but I was talking about
    the all-time chart where I see nothing of the sort, and in that sense I much prefer SSN.



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