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    Amazonnnttt Guest

    Default Difference between softwares

    Hi, i just wanted to know whats the difference between the softwares. You have those basic software which will cost you 1,000 - 2,000 and then you will have those "professional" program that cost your pockets $4,000+. I just wanted to know whats the difference between them? I know it's because of the functions, but how affective are they?

    Would incrediblecharting be upto standard with those that claim to be "professional" softwares.

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    Amazonnnzgh Guest


    I bought SITM starter pack around $3000 then yearly access to system around $600. I never paid second year signed up
    with IC.

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    Amfoxova Guest


    I think its not how much you pay for these systems,but more how you interpret and use the results that they give.

    There is no perfect system,if there is will someone tell me what it is!

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    AmonmonaHut Guest


    Anyone who has used some of the other proprietary packages will tell you they do so for specific functions.

    The basic difference that I can see is in the quality of the screening programmes attached, and perhaps an attached backtesting function.

    You will be hard-pressed to improve on IC for ease of use and charting function, unless you want to split hairs over something more subtle, which really goes back to the skills of the user.

    Successful scanning depends on the parameters you use (input) and then further success depends on what you do with those results (trading skills). IC is improving its abilities all the time.

    A $3000 package can not make you a better trader.

    A package with a half decent backtesting facility would be a decisive advantage, and I suggest you put a call out to Ken in this area. I believe he would have the expertise to answer this much better than I.

    With IC you get more than you pay for.

    With some of these others, you may not get more.


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    I see that it is about 3 years since your last post. First i wish to express my thanks for your thoughtful and always thought provoking posts. I have been studying trading for about three years. Only recently have i become much more serious and am working on creating my trading plan. I now have some modest capital available to fund trading when my plan has been back-tested and i am confident of entry/exit/management/position size and so on. The point i'm getting to is, would you dear sir or any other poster care to be my mentor? i am happy to provide a potted history of where i am at presently and attest that i will be a conscientious pupil. thank you.Alex P.S this is my very first post!



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