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    almoriabib Guest

    Default VXST trading and options?

    I cannot find an options chain for VXST. Apparently they are suppose to be available. Does anyone know if options trading is available for VXST or how to otherwise trade it?

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    Amarricquola Guest


    That's the CBOE short term vol index....and has no options nor is it even tradeable. There are other vol products. What are you wanting to do?

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    Amazonnnajl Guest


    Then why do I read repeatedly that the CBOE has introduced options for VXST:

    I thought there might be a straight forward way to trade VXST via options or something. I mean why have this new index if there is no easy way to use it?

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    Amarricquola Guest


    That article is a year and a half old. Maybe they traded for a bit but got rid of it for lack of interest...I dunno...not really worth looking into because there are other products to trade if you need a volatility play. It would save us both a lot of time if you would just give us an idea of what you are wanting to do and we might be able to direct you toward a product that would serve the purpose.

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    I guess I'm trying to buy VXSt when its low as you would expect. But I can't so I thought I would do options instead. I guess I can do options against the VIX, same thing more or less.



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