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  1. Default My current strategy at the moment is CASH

    Well, I may be at risk of getting left behind but I'm going to chance it for awhile. I sold out of 2 more positions today for profits and am now 45 percent in and 55 percent cash. I just don't see the markers for a drive upward to new highs. Even though I am bullish by nature and I don't see the markers for a bear market either, I do expect a 10% or so pullback at some point soon or at least a pull back to the 2040 range that we've been trading in for a few months now. In the meantime, I'm going into research mode for a few CEF's that might be onsale to build up my Income side. Anyone else building any cash for a "fire sale"

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    Airbladenoz Guest


    You may have to wait a while, but I do feel you get some sale prices some time between now and December!

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    AillyLinge Guest


    I would say the best strategy if your playing like that would surely be to try and calculate the intrinsic value of as many S&P 500 (or top 2000 companies for that matter) in preparation for a fire sale. In that you can know the best safety of margins and in turn the best bargains for the fire sale. I don't know just my thoughts... What do you think about that idea?



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