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    aaamarxdenxcp Guest

    Default 623 Users on here. Where is the participation???????

    I'm looking for an active community of traders to interact with. Are there other forums out there that have a large community??
    I thought by the number of users there would be plenty of ideas on stocks bouncing around in here. Am i missing something?

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    Aaronstura Guest


    What are you looking to get out of this community? Right now you are posting in the "Stock picks and trading strategies" forum which I would argue is not the most active. Most participants here in engage in penny stocks and day trading. If you looked at those forums? There are some interesting picks that members make there.

    Another thing to consider is a lot of these forums are read-only, meaning they are fully managed by an admin or sponsorship. Thus a lot of the "participation" is in reading. These same strategists, traders and promoters are more active on their own websites and social media. Onlinetradersforum.com just gives the reader a taste of what their current take is. Then if you are interested you can bite and if not, move on to another topic.

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    Take a look next time before you enter a forum and you can see the number of members reading. There is participation, but it is not wasting on just chatting. If you want to just chat, there is the Stocks for Beer Chat Room.

    There are a number of competitions and contests that occur here too. I don't want to see that these forums are serious and no other ones are, but generally people here try to focus on quality rather than quantity. However if you have questions or opinions, have at it man. You will likely get a number of fair and intelligent responses.

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    abedetunubat Guest


    I joined just for you

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    addemaenendy Guest


    Start a thread and see where it goes.

    What do you like? How do you invest? What time horizon are you investing? What platform do you use?



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