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Thread: DWTI Stocks

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    Should I sell or hold the DWTI stocks at this point? Which one is a good move?

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    Congrats on your 1st post, Liz. The technical's look terrible on DWTI. If it was going to bounce it should have done so today during a rally .I will get back to you after I check the fundamentals

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    Your stock is up as that chart did not update, I will still back to you

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    3X etfs like DWTI and UWTI are the crack cocaine of the stock market!

    These are short term holds and should be traded, never held for any long period of time.

    Think of these things as gambling, and unless you are a very good trader, odds are there will be pain somewhere along the line.

    Check out this move in just the past few weeks:

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    It appears that DWTI's trading has been halted. I got the following when I tried to research it. All you can do now is wait and see why it was halted.



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