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  1. Default Jubilee Platinum (JLP) on verge of 123-low?

    es, still in, from a long time ago when I was an 'investor' , sucked in by a tipster ramp and at many multiples of current price

    I had forgotten about them and hadn't realised they had dropped quite so far. I need to do some new research to see where we're at really.

    Excellent call well done, thanks for bringing it to my attention, sadly I didn't take any more this time.

  2. Default

    Are you still in this Greville?

    Looking quite good at the moment now through 4p. I traded a little and have ended up with a free ride on 100K shares so quite pleased with myself with this one. Some way to go up yet IMO FWIW.

  3. Default

    Getting there

  4. Default

    Updated chart.
    Decision time?



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