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Thread: Tekken Thread

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    Annotationssvs Guest

    Default Tekken Thread

    Anybody here plays Tekken? The latest Tekken is Tekken 7. It has an awesome game play.

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    Anthonybaind Guest


    I play Tekken

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    AnthonyKep Guest


    I play tekken my main is ether Brian fury or leo

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    Antibioticshix Guest


    My main was Armor King, dammit =.=
    But I still can use Dragunov I guess, but it won't be the same.

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    VS Fighting 2017 Live Featuring World's top players JDCR(best Tekken player in the world) and Saint. This is part of Tekken world tour. Notables are District G’s Kaneandtrench, King Jae, The Phantom and C Krizzle; RTFM’s Roo Kang and Asim; CKT’s Fergus, Shirdel and AZYG4LYFE; A F0xy GRampa, Arsenalty, StarScream, CGG|Tissuemon, The Truth, and many more.



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