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    Amazonnnlvo Guest

    Default VantagePoint/Market Technologies software?

    What do you guys make of this: Market Technologies Intermarket Analysis Software
    Anyone tried it before? Does it work at least 1% of what they are saying? Is it a scam? Anyone any experience?

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    AnatolEn Guest


    if you search the reviews section of this site, you'll find your answer

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    Amazonnnsmr Guest


    regarding vantagepoint, i bought the 3 market module from tradertech around the end of 2005, the 3 market modules were Dow jones index, the S&P500 index, and EURO/USD.
    basically, you have to subscribe to an end of day data provider, recommended by tradertech, which costs around $30 U.S.D per month.
    you download the data at the end of each trading day, or early the following morning and the vantagepoint software provides you with predicted highs and lows for each of your modules for the next day's trading session, plus tells you whether they consider the short term and intermediate trends to be up, or down.
    the idea is that, say the software considers the short term trend for the Dow to be up,they suggest you wait for the Dow index to drop down to the predicted low for that particular day, then buy at or near their predicted low, and hopefully selling at a higher price either intraday, or after the index has risen strongly for a few days.
    in my opinion the software is too expensive, plus you have to pay out each month for the data feed.
    if you need any more information you are welcome to send me a message.
    best regards and good luck with your trading.

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    Andrewclege Guest


    But does it predict it at least 51% accurate? It doesnt matter how much it costs as long as it WORKS.

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    Andrewjew Guest


    Well the idea of having specific data could make results better.Most data is crap.Garbage in garbage out.
    I have known about this vantage point for years and almost got suckered in, its just MA's that are free.And the salesmen etc so many bad reviews im surprised its still around.I have actually talked to 3 traders over the years who dont sell it and used it profitablly, seen statements, but as I said to them they would probably use esignal profitably aswell without the huge price tag, and they agreed.
    But as you say you have to pay for data the key might be in the data.What data provider does it use because if its just something like esignal then whats the point you can just pay for esignal it has all the indys in it.



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