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    Alfredkib Guest

    Default Market Mechanism Changes

    Cat_Lady has provided an article by no lesser "Authority" than Mr Alan Kohler[aka Coker] that All Shares are now Shortable,at least Theoretically.
    pse brought this point up but was hounded out of this Forum.
    Should the Rules of the Weekly Comp be adjusted?
    Note that the Borrowing of Shares can be up to Twelve Months!!

    http://www.businessspectator.com.au/bs.nsf/Article/Short-and-curly-B5QUW?OpenDoc ument

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    If you have been following the MAK thread in Short Term Topic where Charles and Ken stated that as Premium Clients with Commsec they often had their Buys/Sells marked as TX ie TRANSFERS?
    well,this article sure indicates Where Commsec is/maybe Transferring these Transactions from-Their Custodial Portfolios!!

    pretty tricky,hey?

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    Alicevom Guest


    Commsec has the largest customer base. When you place orders through them on the net or through protarder etc. you are using their �automated client order processing� (ACOP).

    There are exemptions to the standard crossing rules that allow orders placed through an ACOP system with the same broker to be matched on price by the trading platform even if they are not at the head of the SEATS queue.

    Trades will be shown with the condition code XT

    It is nothing to do with whether the stock has been lent and defiantly nothing to do with client status, in fact if the broker is aware of your trade than the more stringent crossing rules apply.

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    alishajc4 Guest


    especially for raising up from Daily Bread to put me straight.
    I still think these Custodial Moves,explained in the above Article have some Rort/"Conspiracy" angle involved.
    Oh it's Legal.What d'BigBoys do often is.It's just so when things happen beyond their Imagination and the small get "damaged",They come the "Not our Fault"etc blah.

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    you read the interview with Bob Elstone in the weekend AFR on shorting?

    he reckons there's a gap in regulations which allows "enormous trade in shares slyly executed through a confusion of margin lending, stock borrowing and short selling, a daisy chain that avoids official monitoring" and this gap needs to be filled - doh.

    he aint exactly against shorting, but the stock lending followed by shorting which is the problem.

    Not a bad article all up, added to my knowledge base at any rate.



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