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    Airbladepnh Guest

    Default Brand New to trading

    I am a novice. I have never invested. I don't have a broker. I have little to no knowledge.

    I am a 23 hear old student and film maker with a desire for a financially productive interest. I am more than intrigued by the prospect of learning about trading.

    Because of the perceived small investment one can put in penny stocks, penny stocks caught my interest first. I know it is essentially like gambling.

    I wish to learn about all the essentials of trading.

    Do you all have any recommendations? Book recommendations?

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    Airbladeznf Guest


    I would recommend that you spend at least a year learning on various apps and websites. Such as "Stock Wars", Howthemarketworks.com, and Wall Street Survivor. Book,..."Stock Investing For Dummies."

    I used those along with a few more for 4 whole years before I ever began live trading, and I still feel like a total beginner. If you plan to jump in head first AND do penny stocks, well, not to be a jerk but you're going to lose all your $$$. Nobody, except NOBODY, jumps in with no education and makes $$$.

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    Get the APP "Stock Wars."

    Go to...


    There's a ton more, but those three were the most helpful to me personally. But everyone learns differently.

    Hope this helps!

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    Albertcloca Guest


    Glad to help Valerie!

    You might also want to check out the website and APP called Investopedia.

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    Albertohon Guest


    Books: Search these forums for "books", and you'll find plenty of suggestions from your question has been asked before.

    Educational Websites: MarketWatch and Investopedia

    Video: YouTube and TastyTrade



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