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Thread: Stocks - NZX

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    AfreddieAssef Guest

    Default Stocks - NZX

    what is the chance, or why isn't there, a NZ Stock forum on this site ?

    Comments for and against read with interest.

    Had a quick look and saw nothing in the archives on this subject so apologies if it has already been covered.

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    Thanks for the suggestion - we have implemented it. Stocks - NZX is now available as a topic.

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    Robin,excellent idea, There are profits to be made-and losses to be avoided- on the NZX, and it is in our backyard. How can we load charts for New Zealand stocks.

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    Airbladebzr Guest


    Colin, I was thinking along the lines of...
    Open up IC,
    Go to Securities,
    Then find NZSX along with ASX, NYSE,AMEX, and Nasdaq,
    Then make up a watchlist from there.

    If one is investing from NZ then you might cut your teeth on the NZ market,before moving to the ASX and US markets. By putting NZ data on IC you may attract more NZ subscribers.

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    Apologies. I still had my Forum cap on.

    Our existing data suppliers do not cover the NZX, but we will continue to pester them.



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