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    Aaaucehus Guest

    Default AMC - broke above 12 yesterday on short term

    This has recently hit the target of the rounded bottom formation at 12p. This was discussed before ,see link below.
    The 123 low formation happened ages ago so there is not one there now.That happened at the break out of 4.2 p.
    I wont buy at this level unless it comes back to support.

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    Strong support is at 9.76 and this maybe backed up by the trend line in the next few weeks.

    support...9.76,,8.94(trend line)changes daily.,,,7.5

    This needs to move sideways for a while to build strength ,right now cant see any thing clear to signal a new buy.

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    The ticker is AMC and the company is Amur Minerals trading on LSE. I'm not confident enough to post a chart but I'd like to see what the 'professionals' think! I'm hoping for approx 15p (61.8% Fib) sometime in the next few days but then again the final piece of the jigsaw could already be priced in

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    Adolphgealk Guest


    whats the ticker symbol for this company and where is it trading??



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