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  1. Default CHTP - A bullish bio-tech with upside room into key FDA dates.

    CHTP a stock that was formerly beaten down when FDA decided not to approve their top drug candidate Northera; is coming back to life after getting FDA to allow re-submission. January 14th is the AdCom date (advisory panel review) and February 14th is the expected PDUFA date (potential approval date). You can learn more about CHTP's past and present by reading the first few pages of this article.

    Anyway, CHTP is potentially ready to continue the run-up into these events as other bio-techs frequently do. CLSN comes to mind. It more than doubled last year during it's run-up into key FDA dates before being rejected thus killing the stock. Therefore, CLSN is a reminder that nothing is a sure thing. CHTP is still only a chart trade for me no matter how good the Northera drug looks on paper. That said, watch for the 3.25 breakout as a key level to get this moving higher into those dates. This is not particular a day-trading stock unless it speeds up giving you ample liquidity to take profits; BUT rather a swing trade which can be bought on dips and technical breakouts and selling in pieces as it continues to move higher with the old saying "the trend is your friend" as the risk area.

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    Alberkahip Guest


    About to test 3.50 resistance dating back to 2011 now.

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    AlexandrAAincumnUpliply Guest


    Closed up 11%. Great start to the breakout. I'm interested to see if it can hold 3.50 now.

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    Blaine your insights are excellent. What do you expect the top out will be for this stock in Q1?

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    Chart update. It held 3, as expected, since it was the offering price. Now its testing the original 3.25 breakout spot again.



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