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    Amazonnnotx Guest

    Default What a good trading Tips strategy for small capital?

    Hi guys,

    I want to know
    What a good Trading Tips strategy for small capital?

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    Amazonnnzgh Guest


    The best strategy would be don't spam and get a proper job. They have mcdonalds in your country, no ? They always need someone to flip the cow, pig, or sheep (cross out according to religion) burgers being served.

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    You should volunteer to be a mod !

    Or start a job agency

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    AndrewNab Guest


    wanna know how to become a millionaire Trader ?

    give a crap trader 10 million and leave him alone for about a week

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    Andrewamime Guest


    If you want to trade for a small capital, it is very important to be patient and have a long term perspective. Sometimes it is possible that small cap companies grow very quickly but more often it is a long slow process of many years, you need to be prepared for volatility.

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    Knowledge is power. Study and learn all you can first. CBOT, INVESTOPEDIA, OPTIONS EXPRESS, supplement with anything that clicks with you like candlesticks or fibbinocci. Sort through all of this just to start, you will have a decent idea of where to head from there. Then pick something with the small amount of capital you saved during that time. If you're extremely lucky you pick a trading method you can stick to and improve. More likely you will first follow a white herring and once that is figured out, you can start to really see how you might be able to trade. Then you follow that direction. During all this save your capital so that you can open a proper trading account and have a great Internet connection. With $50K in hand you can start trading in a meaningful way. I think that would be the minimum if you are in any way serious.

    Good luck.
    There is also a lot of what not to do displayed in forums such as this. Learning from others mistakes is the best and cheapest lesson.



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