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    Airbladeehc Guest

    Default NHSH a new shell play with a fresh 8K

    Jan/5 The CEO of QASP filed an 8K that he purchased this shell. 1MM shres of the 1.334MM O/S. needless to say, the remaining free float were bought up by his side kicks fast.

    .08 x .20...to expensive to buy and many want a crack at cheap that they ain't gonna get. I've had a buy @ .10 for 3 dsays and just canned. A real line drawn in the sand. If you want shares, its gonna cost. And then what do you have? Big unanswered Question.

    Now what do you think will make folks want to buy the issue? No news, and they buy the ASK? HELL NO!

    Buys are stacked up on the BID side to score, so I smell dilution in its future. This gets diluted and the pps tanks, BUY! BUY all ya can. I am. Blind faith ya know!

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    Airbladeked Guest


    Again its another R/M play. Yes its already ran, but dilution is the play on this one.

    And I'm not pumping, I'm not even in, YET! Stick it on your watch list.

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    Airbladeqme Guest


    No one can get excited over this one?

    The spread is screaming to be screwed with.

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    LOL Let's F**K with it then, uptick the bid all morning til someone bites, then it looks like its jumping, people smack the ask to get in, only to have us beat it back down. Man, to easy. What the hell, I got an extra 5K to spare. Worth a gamble. Wait, we may have the SEC on our asses soon after though, lol.

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    Airbladexdc Guest


    This one is still in play. 51K dumped into the bid at .04 and then a 100 share picasso buy at .07 to run her up. Finished off the day with a BID buy splitting the spread. Its being fed! Shares are to be had so get em below .05 and you will bank.
    I think its getting dumped by an insider, but still has plenty of play.
    Centacon is PRed to be merging into this shell, but the Founder is not so sure he is ready. Minseeker Has PRed it wants to merg too with some LOI and change of address.
    Still an empty shell with a hard headed CEO. A bag of hammers is willing to do a better deal.
    Low floater and key is to score on these dumpages. Its an easy 100% for free or cash.
    I'm taking free. It has a story, a shaky story. Can't go wrong with free.
    So set your limit buys and wait.



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